Numeracy Wizard (TM) Known Issues- V1.4

For Version 1.5:

Store Rotation – target Sept 17th

New Characters – Seo-yeon and Ha-eun

Tutorial Splash Screens – Added

Daily Awards – Added

Known Issues:

EULA Button Bigger – Fixed, due next Update


Fixed Issues:

Change to Install with Landscape orientation.

Story Mode – Complete

Leaderboard – for Points – Complete

EULA Screen – Complete

  -> Change Build Settings

File save and external save data are not working.  Misconfig in Google Play Install Parameters?

  -> SSL Certificate Mismatch – fix was custom certificate handling code

Save Leaderboard Stats – Write

 -> written

Top Left button Not working

 -> Sort Order issue with top menu items

Create Leaderboard Stats screens – write

-> Done

Removed Fungus

-> Done – compatibility issues with Unity 2019

IAP Handler – Write

-> Done

IAP Recover Function – Write Function

-> Done

Add Encryption to PlayerPrefs

-> Done – special Thanks * Copyright © 2014 Rawand Fatih @ Link