Timmy’s Grade 8 Start

Timmy’s Grade 8 Start

Timmy was coming to the end of his summer break. Spending all summer in his basement playing video games, was not the most fruitful of summers but he needed time off. The feeling of intimidation of moving on to Grade 8 was overwhelming. He was required to grow up, but had no idea how.

Much like his school classes that did not show him how to do anything, they just said “Do it!” And then that he was wrong, and to work harder. His expectations for grade 8 were not any different. He floated through elementary school, barely able to read, nothing interested him. He would just not do his math homework, and get passed on to the next year. He heard that was different this next year, but his friend Charlie’s brother, was just passed on. He had hope for no change.

His parents were frustrated, and did not know what to do. It was so much easier to blame the video games. If only there was a way, to have him play his video games AND practice his math, read a story.


Numeracy Wizard (link) is a skill-based gacha game targeted to your teen, who is struggling. Artistically aligned with anime, a narrative based game, with daily rewards for practicing math skills. As rewards accumulate, learners can earn player upgrades allowing for higher placements in weekly contests. Contests that are ranked on daily practice, something the learner is already doing. It has no cost, essentially free, except for the opportunity you provide to your teen. And the peace of mind, you receive for helping. Try it today!!!