A Life Once Hidden

A Life Once Hidden

A farmer walks into a luscious green field. His sheep meandering amoungst the green grasses.. She pulls out her cell phone to take a picture. This day could not be more brilliant. The sheer heat from the unrelentless sun empowering the lazy day. A gentle wind blows, distracting the farmer, enjoying a minute break from the heat.

The cell phone slips from her fingers, taking what seems like an eternity to hit the ground. Suddenly paniced, scrambling to pick it up and make sure it did not break. A picture of a school on the front screen. Perhaps in a different life, she could have attended a real life Elite academy.

But for now, she would just have to be a member of Numeracy Academy.


Numeracy Wizard (link) is a skill-based gacha game empowering you to experience, what otherwise is hidden.