Thinking Happy Thoughts – A Numeracy Wizard Story

Thinking Happy Thoughts

The was red hot with blazing light, when I finally made my way home. It was another day of amazing monotony. How am I supposed to learn, when they will not explain to be in a way that I understand.

At least I was home, I would find something to eat and disappear into my bedroom to play video games. More boredom.

Why can I not learn playing video games? Osmosis works in biology. If only I could add, or subtract without a calculator. The fear of getting something wrong, is just too much.

Whack!! Looking up, and realizing opening the door first before walking through is a good idea. Hey! First one I had today. Maybe I should look and see if I can learn by playing video games too. I bet someone had that idea already. Looks like I am on a roll.

Numeracy Wizard is a Math skill-based gacha game empowering you to experience the light of confidence.

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