Practice Imperfection – A Numeracy Wizard Story

Practice Imperfection – A Numeracy Wizard Story

It was not always easy for Phillip to practice. He always strived to be more social with people. It was harder than it looked on #youtube. He was just not that good at anything.

At least today, he had not walked into a closed door. His teacher did yesterday. It was priceless. People had commented they wished they had a camera out to record it, and post online. Nobody was that lucky.

Phil laughed from his boredom. Video games were just not that exciting anymore. How many times can you move the same block in #minecraft? He thought maybe, he can learn something today. What could that be? Looking around online, he thought reading stuff online might be fun. Then he thought, he was doing that already online.

Why do it twice?

How about math?

Can I practice math at home?

Where do I start?

The answer is Numeracy Wizard.

Numeracy Wizard is a Math skill-based gacha game empowering you to experience the light of confidence.