The Monday of Cyber – A Numeracy Wizard Story

Monday of Cyber – A Numeracy Wizard Story

Boom! Whack!! Crumble!!

“That was close Jim, they are figuring out how to use those much faster than the last ones,” Jack noted. “We are going to have to be the best of ourselves today,” Jim chided, “or at least I will have to be to save your slow, meandering feet. Again.”

“Ha, ha. If only you knew, I planned it that way.” Jack stands up and opens a chocolate bar, to eat. Pulled rapidly to the ground by Jim, “Very funny.”

“I thought so,” chided Jack back.

“Grow up, we have a boogey on our tails.” Jim noticing an incoming enemy to his location.

Jack stands back up, waving his hands. “Distraction Noodle!!!”

The enemy taken by surprise, turns and prepares for the attack.

Jim, coming out of nowhere, quickly enters in the mathematical answer to deactivate the robot.

“Booya, ” Jim shouts, “take one for the noodle.”

Jack shouts back, “take one for practicing math. Who would have thought math was the answer to saving the human race, from incoming robot overlords.”

“I did,” smiled Jim. Thank you for Numeracy Wizard.

Numeracy Wizard is a Math skill-based gacha game empowering you practice your math skills, so maybe one day you too can save the world.

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