Roxy with Moxy – A Numeracy Wizard Story

Roxy with Moxy – A Numeracy Wizard Story

Hey, you. Yeah, you. What you think you doing with that there phone? No way you got the moola to pay for that.

Roxy, I do not want any trouble. Picked this up near second hand, everyone seems to have one.

I am sure, that is almost the case. Which of the rich kids did you take it from? If the principal is looking for it tomorrow, I know whose name I will mention.

Roxy, Roxy…

Are you Roxy’ing me? Me… Roxy. This is not looking good for you.

Roxy, I just need help. I need to learn my math, before the test on Friday.

So you take someones phone.

No, it was second hand. I got it from Steve. His mom needed the money.

Phones do not work that way, you have to sign legal papers and stuff. Its why they are not worth anything on the street.


Yeah, steve will report it stolen tomorrow, and get his phone back. Your in trouble, and probably thrown out of school. Think next time.

Ah… oh. Here you take it.

Okay, let talk to the principal and get someone responsible in this situation. He can help.

He suspended me last week. I would rather not.

Well, it is your choice. It does not work out very well for you right now.

…. Okay.

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