#giftagamer – A Numeracy Wizard Story

#giftagamer – A Numeracy Wizard Story

Mom, can I give a gift to everyone this holiday season?

Sure Tiffany, what do you want to give them.

Mom, I hear if you teach someone to fish they can eat for life. If you give them a fish, they can eat for a day.

Tiff, that is a very common saying. It usually is accompanied by some non-polite saying.

Shhhh, Mom, we need to be polite. Someone taught me better.

Lol… Tiff you are right, that person is smart indeed. What do you want to give everyone?

I want to give small plastic bricks with pointy bits on the top.

Let’s not do that, parents can be the device of their own destruction there.

Okay, how about I teach everyone math.

Math, how do you plan on doing that.

I will tell everyone to download and install “Numeracy Wizard”. It is a math game for Android.

My daughter, Do you think a video game will teach everyone Math?

Nope, but it will teach them they do not know what they are doing in math, so when I become an accountant, they will think of me and I can do their taxes for them!! I get to remind them they had the chance to practice math when they were younger. They should have played “Numeracy Wizard”.

Okay, Tiff, I like your idea. But when you get to be an accountant, you are doing my taxes for free.

Mom, deal. I like math.

Numeracy Wizard is a Math skill-based gacha game empowering you practice your math skills, so maybe one day you too can save the world.

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