Taking a Moment of Peace – A Numeracy Wizard Story

Taking a moment of Peace – A Numeracy Wizard Story

Nayeon walked down the smooth slope of ice with great care. She knew it was a bad idea, but it was the shortest route to her families house. They only got together once a year, and she did not want to miss it this year. Her aunt Hyena always drank too much, and started talking about her latest husband she divorced. Always seemed like a new one, which made her on #47 this year. Uncle Bishop was also going to be there, quiet and reserved, would sit in the corner drinking until he passed out. I never have found out what he does for a living, for all I know maybe that was it. Kinda creepy if you think about it. Nayeon did want to avoid the boring conversation of her relatives telling her, how awesome they were when they were young; how she should be doing more with her life. There was nothing wrong with managing a retail store. She was in charge of the money, and she was always paid. She liked earning her own way. She was not like her aunt, or her uncle. She owned her own way.

Nayeon was proud, she took the time to develop her math skills. Without them she would not have the responsibility of the cash, be wondering where her next pay check was coming from; most likely following in her aunt’s footsteps.

It started to snow, ever so gently, she was almost there and was not worried. Nayeon took a moment, to look over the sea, with the unlucky boats still docked, the moon just cresting the ocean surface. She paused, and just felt. Was this not beautiful just the way it is?

Numeracy Wizard is a Math skill-based gacha game empowering you practice your math skills, so maybe one day you too can save the world.

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