Love, Peace, and Practice – A Numeracy Wizard Story

Love, Peace, and Practice – A Numeracy Wizard Story

Jungkook, Jungkook! Come down for breakfast. It’s a big day.

Yes, coming Tutor.

Do you think you are a ready? The engineering exam is today, did you do your exercises?

Yes, I did not daily Numeracy Wizard already. I practiced by addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

I did not hear, you mention division.

But its so hard, I hate division.

Division is just doing multiplication in reverse. If you can do one, you can do the other.

I got my daily stars though. I am almost at my next player. Seoyoun is so pretty.

I am glad you like it, but division.

Yeah, Numeracy Wizard said the same thing. I really want the daily star.

Seoyoun will arrive faster the harder you work.

Can I finish breakfast first?

Let’s form an accord, we have time before you have to get to school, you can finish your division.

Ok. Thank you for Numeracy Wizard. It is really a fun math game.

Yeah, so many videos on youtube too. One can see the results after using it for a month.

I know, too bad video game stores do not carry it. My friend wanted to play it on his Xbox.

Your friend just wanted to play Fortnite, and claim he was studying.

You are wise, Tutor.

Numeracy Wizard is a Math skill-based gacha game empowering you practice your math skills, so maybe one day you too can save the world.