Being Canadian - Brazen Jester Studios
A female alien, infatuated with Canada, ventures forth with her four human friends to discover Canada's rich history.

The votes are in. Judgement is due June 23rd. Excitingly waiting for the result.
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Fruit Opinions of the Crowd

Brazen Jester Studios is proud to introduce this years documentary submission: Fruit: Opinion of the Crowd, our story of teenage motivation as told through fruit preferences and the basic driver of life, Hunger.
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We need your clicks. There is a funding opportunity for Documentary filming in Canada, and it is decided by popularity. We need your help. Firstly, Google Storyhive, and realize it is not an evil link. Then, vote for us. Link is below.

Fruit Opinions of the Crowd

Brazen Jester Studios Inc. is making a documentary highlighting the Prince George region’s Fruit Industry, in combination with local non-profits to tell a story of how Buying Local is really the first choice for people who live in Prince George, BC.

How can you help? Click on the link below and vote Fruit @Storyhive. If successful, your single click helped make that happen. You can vote once a day until Noon on May31st.