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  1. Hello all,

    We are excited to announce our latest film festival entry to the Penticton Reel Pech Film Festival. Filmed in Prince George, BC, this animated wonder needed to be 1-3 minutes long, and we hit it out of the park :).

  2. {"@context" : "", "@type" : "Blog", "about":"Jesters Are Wild II - Release Event - Available Now", "abstract":"Jesters Are Wild II - A Free Casino Slot Video Game, made for your enjoyment. Available on Android.", "audience":"teen, adult, gambling, casino, slot machine, free", "name" : "Jesters Are Wild Release Event Available Now", "url" : "", "image":"", "keywords":"brazen jester studios, JAWII, Jester, Jesters, Wild, sequel, youtube, twitter, android, google play" } The indefinite sequel to the ever popular Jesters Are Wild series. Play today, free coins, ever filling bucket of fun.

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    Brazen Jester Studios
    Released March 5, 2021

    For Android.

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  3. Fear the Flossom by Brazen Jester Studios

    Check out the Demo for "Fear Blossom", distributed on Coming to a desktop near you.

  4. {"@context" : "", "@type" : "Blog", "about":"Fear the Flossom", "abstract":"Gameplay Trailer of Fear the Flossom - game released for #UnexpectedJam on", "audience":"action, quick, survival", "name" : "Fear the Flossom Game Play Trailer", "url" : "", "image":"", "keywords":"action, game, fear, horror, survival, freaky, video game" }

    Fear the Flossom - Game Play Trailer - Video


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  5. Fear the Flossom Update 2

    preview of our submission for Unexpected Jam 2020 - A Game Jam of exquisite taste - click here