The unbroken forest seemed eternal, the mist hovering in the air with beams of sunlight gently seeping in. A chill down your spine, but warmth slowly seeping in as illumination grows. It was a morning like many others, faced with a situation out of their control, the challenge was one of patience; to do what they can until the heat of the afternoon set in. Until the light would be overwhelming, and once again the feeling of confidence and peace would once again exist.

A sound, a branch breaking from behind. Twisting suddenly, and seeing the animal approaching. Identification was impossible. The point of interest was how large its teeth were. Creeping closer, and closer the beast came. Impossible to move. Frozen with fear. The beast hunting to the natural end.

Happy Halloween!!!

Feeling helpless, overwhelmed or scared? We understand, and want to help. Fend off the beast, and once again, see the light.

Numeracy Wizard is a Math skill-based gacha game empowering you to experience the light of confidence.