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  • Spin for Love – An adventure of a “Love Time.”

    Spin for Love Spin for love is an exploratory story of devotion to your one’s pets, and what you must do to save them against all odds. Players must escape the lost island, with your pets after an unfortunate accident. As ever increasing odds stack against you, you must manage both your animals and your…

  • Spin for Love – Officially Released for Android

    Spin for Love available on Google Play, Catappult.io, Amazon, Apptutti and others. Available on Android. Today!!! Lost on a island with only your beloved pets, can you keep it together to escape. Stay together, stay safe. Share the Love and happy thoughts of companionship from your amazing companions. Promo: Youtube Follow us on Twitter: Spin…

  • Spin for Love – Screenshot May 25 / 2020

    Super secret hidden agenda seeking lonely single pet whose owner does not LOVE them enough. Meet by the swamp, party will ensue. Join the Event – Spin for Love – Release Event Spin for Love Brazen Jester Studios Releasing May 31, 2020 @Google Play